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Social Distancing In Nairobi

Partial Lockdown

This is the fourth week since the first case of coronavirus was announced in Kenya. The number of infected cases has risen to 158 and 6 deaths.

Out of 54 countries in Africa, 52 have reported cases of infections while 53 nations have closed their borders.

Cessation of movement for the next 21 days into and out of the main coronavirus infected areas.

Yesterday the president announced a ban on movement into and of coronavirus infected areas. The four counties which include the capital city Nairobi, the port city of Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi have been identified as areas with the most infections.

The ban took immediate effect in Nairobi and will be implemented from Wednesday in the other counties.

Individuals who work in Nairobi but live in the outskirts were hard-hit by the ban. As police set up barriers to enforce the same, several motorists were stranded in the cold. Clips doing rounds on social media showed irate motorists pleading with security personnel to allow them to access their homes.

A private sector-led Emergency Response Fund has been set up to raise money to support government initiatives in the fight against the virus. The fund has appealed to individual Kenyans, local corporates, multinational companies and development partners to contribute to its kitty.

The kitty will be boosted with monies raised from salary cuts to the President, his deputy and other officials in the executive, judiciary, parliament and county governments, as well as exchequer contributions.

And The Memes Continue

They say laughter is the best medicine and in these uncertain times we are overdosing on it.

Social media is awash with jokes on government measures, the coping styles of citizens and the effects of social distancing on couples.

Here Are A Few Of My Favorites:

“If you were out of town with your mistress when this announcement was made, consider yourself married”

“This is Africa: Kenya has more MPs than ICU beds.

South Sudan has 4 ventilators and 5 Vice Presidents.”

How I felt after the press briefing by the President

Image Source: Twitter

She is following the guidelines despite her circumstances.

Last week, an image of a lady captured the hearts of many. She was pictured wearing an improvised plastic bottle as a mask to protect herself and her children from the virus.

Her gesture did not go unnoticed as she was awarded Ksh 100,000 {USD 1,000} by the governor of Mombasa.

You were sending a message that people need to take care of themselves. That is the message we got here. You wanted to take care of your life and that of your children and family.” Mombasa Governor.

But her story depicts the plight of many. For the over 14 million Kenyans who live in poverty, the decision between death from Coronavirus or hunger is not a weighty one.

Containment measures like social distancing, working from home, frequent hand washing and stocking on food in case of lockdown are not viable.

Coronavirus has brought to light the gaps we have in our systems; exposing all that is not working. From underpaid medical staff, non-existent hospitals, lack of access to necessities and the harsh economy, the plight of many in this time is a telling reminder of what is lacking.



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